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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Product Reliable LifeSaver Mozy CrashPlan Carbonite
Platform Windows 7, Server 2011/2008/2003, 2000, XP Vista, Mac OS X 10.6, 10.5, 10.4, all distributions of Linux and Open Solaris  Windows 7, 2008, 2003, 2000, XP Vista, Mac OS X 10.6, 10.5, 10.4 Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003/2008, Mac OSX 10.5 and 10.6  Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003/2008, Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 
Productivity Software Support

Exchange, Exchange Brick Level,
SharePoint, MS Sql, MySql, Oracle,
Lotus Notes, Domino are all supported
(see 1)

Exchange,  MS SQL  Not nativly supported   Not natively supported
Local Appliance Support  Local Appliance with Data Center Replication (Data Center Replication Optional)
(see 2) 
no no, only to other crashplan instances   Only to a local hard drive
Flexible Retention
Each Individual backup set has aretention policy, Policies can be quite complex or very simple (i.e. 7 days), very lengthy (7 years) Only restore up to 30 days in past  Flexible retention policies for deleted/changed files in CrashPlan+. Basic version is more limited.
no, locked to one week of dailys, three week snapshots, two month snapshots, deleted files retained for only 30 days
Data Seeding (Load / Recovery)  Seed Drives (copying your clients data to a portable drive), is supported for the initial load of data as well as restores.  In the case of an emergency, we will have the data couriered to your location.  no Seed drives service is available for $124.99-$164.99, depending on shipping speed.
Hard drive recovery via mail available.
HIPAA Compliance  The Reliable LifeSaver data is encrypted on the client side system.  The encryption keys are never transmitted to Reliable Data Protection, making it impossible to have a data breach.  If user selects personal key  claimed, though remote de-duplication makes questionable  unclear, clients manage own encryption key
Compression /
Reliable LifeSaver's data is compressed, it is however not de-duplicated.  The reason for this is to retain HIPAA compliance.  If the data is de-duplicated on the data center side, the encryption keys must be known at the data center.  This makes a data breach possible.   no information Backed up data is compressed and de-duplicated by default.
Zlib compression prior to transmission 
Off-Site Storage Costs  We sell Reliable LifeSaver only through our nationwide network of VARs.  If you are interested in becoming a VAR, please contact us. $3.95 per desktop, $6.95 per server plus $0.50 per GB   no information no information 
 True Level 3+ Data Center Reliable Data Protection data center is a true Level 3 data center  SAS 70 and ISO certified no information  Boston-based secure dedicated data center

 Directy competes with VAR network

Reliable Data Protection works exclusively with our VAR network.  End customers routinely come to us looking for data backup services.  We always direct them to the appropriate VAR in their area.  In this way, we help to grow our VAR's customer base.  Yes, sells directly to public   Yes, sells directly to the public  Yes, sells directly to public

Product Reliable Replay 4

Zenith InfoTech BDR

ShadowProtect Kaysea Image Backup
Platform Windows Servers and Desktops/Laptops
(2008, Vista and Later)
Windows Server OS   Windows Server OS  Windows Server OS
Productivity Software Support Active image verification of Exchange, SharePoint & MS Sql.  All other VSS aware Windows software supported as well. (see 1)  As BDR is a ShadowProtect based product, it protects VSS aware applications.  However, it does not do test mounts of Exchange, MSSql or Sharepoint   ShadowProtect protects VSS aware applications.  However, it does not do test mounts of Exchange, MSSql or Sharepoint  
Proprietary Hardware Solution We do not require our VARs to purchase proprietary hardware at inflated prices.  That would assume we know more about your clients environment than you, which we don't.  We allow you to tailor the right hardware solution for your client's needs. (see 2) The BDR solution requires purchase of proprietary BDR hardware from Zenith.   Shadowprotect iis a client based application.  
Flexible Retention Policy You can tailor your retention policy needs at both the client site AND in our secure data center off-site.  This means you can have 6-8 weeks locally for example, but only the snapshots to allow you to recover from a disaster off-site. It is our understanding that the BDR solution does not support user defined retention policies.  The BDR solution also limits off-site storage to no more than 3 years or retention.   If you care creative you could store as many protection points you chose, though our understanding is it would not roll the retention automatically.  
Data Seeding Support We support loading of the initial off-site seed image via portable drive.  We also support providing you with an image of your remote storage via portable drive.  Zenith will send a copy off-site data to thier reseller for a charge.  Shadowprotect is not an off-site storage application.  
Image Virtualization Not only can you virtualize the protected server localally, we can virtualize your protected server in the data center as well  Then we can give you access via VPN to allow for seemless disaster recovery. (see 3) Virtuilization on the local BDR is supported.  Remote virtulization is not. (see 6)  It would be up to your team to setup virtulization, though Shadowprotect certainly provides the starting point.   
Decompression, DeDuplication Replay 4 deduplicates the images of the protected servers then compresses what remains.  As a result it is common to see 60-80+% storage savings. (see 4)  It is our understanding that BDR does compress.    
Encryption Relliable Data Protection supports both in flight and at rest encryption locally, and off-site. It is our belief that BDR does encrypt the snapshots     
Off-Site Storage Costs Reliable Replay 4 charges you for the storage actually allocated for your client in the data center (after deduplication and compression).  As a result, your cost will depend upon your deduplication/compression rates.  Beware of companies that charge based upon the quantity of data protected, their low per GB prices are masked by the fact that you are paying for a great deal more storage.  Off Site Storage is priced differently by Archive storage and Currant image storage.  Our understanding is that pricing is based upon the source (uncompressed/undeduplicated) image size  Shadowprotect is not an off-site storage application.