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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


General Backup Instructions

  1. Download and install the Reliable Data Protection Backup Manager
  2. Open the backup manager
  3. Create a new backup set
    1. From the menu, choose [Backup Set] -> [New] -> the type of backup you would like to perform
    2. Enter a name for your backup set
    3. Select the files/databases to back up
    4. Enter a temporary directory for storing the backup files before they are sent to the Reliable Data Protection Backup Server (when appropriate)
    5. Set the backup schedule for this backup set
    6. Set encryption algorithm, encryption mode, and encrypting key for the backup set
  4. Run backup
    1. Select the backup set you want to run on the left panel and press the [Start Backup] button
    2. Select the backup type you would like to run
    3. Select [Off-site Backup Server] to start backing up your files to the backup server

After this first manual backup, all other backups will run automatically, according to the backup schedule you set up.