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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


Reliable Data Protection Services

file-cabinet-icon.pngWays in which we can help you grow your business.

We at Reliable Data Protection are very aware that if it were not for the continued success and growth of our VAR team, we would not be in existence.  As such, it is critical that we offer our team members cost effective and RELIABLE solutions that fit your end customer's business needs.  All of our solutions provide you with a recurring revenue stream.  Please see the following solutions;

Image based data protection services

  • Best suited for situations where Business Continuity and/or Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) are of paramount importance.
  • You can have your customer's dead server up and running in as little as 15 minutes with our local virtual server environment.
  • Non Proprietary solution allows you to buy the equipment that is appropriate for your customer's business needs.
  • In the event of a disaster, your customer's entire server environment can be brought up in
  • Reliable Data Protection's data center environment so the work can continue from virtual offices (home or temporary office space).
  • Stateful protection for VSS aware applications such as Exchange, SharePoint and MS Sql.
  • Solution can easily be leveraged to assist with common IT Management tasks such as patch stability testing, hardware upgrades and application upgrade testing.

File based data protection services

  • Ideal for situations with regulatory compliance requirements such as HIPAA and where protection periods are measured in terms of months or years.
  • Ideal for situations where business continuity requirements can be measured in terms of hours, not minutes (i.e. time to rebuild and restore a server).
  • Data can be stored on-site only, on and off-site, or off-site only.
  • Stateful protection for VSS aware applications such as Exchange, SharePoint and MS Sql.
  • Brick level Exchange capabilities allow you to restore a singe e-mail message, e-mail folder or user account without having to restore and mount an entire Exchange store.

Virtual Data Center Services

  • We can host your customer's virtual guests in our highly redundant virtual server environment.  You and your customer gain the advantage of data center class hosting without an up-front capital equipment investment.
  • Very flexible configuration capabilities to meet your customer's needs.

Physical server hosting in our Top Tier, Class A data center

  • If you find yourself in a situation where you need to host your customer's data center class server in our top tier data center, we are happy to help.


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